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CIO Review Magazine – Resolving Database Bottlenecks to Enhance Performance

Database Performance Management has evolved with time and today there are solutions available which are compatible across various databases. However, ensuring consistent service levels across multiple database platform environments is not easy while using a diverse set of native or third-party tools. What lies ahead is the herculean task of synthesizing the data from heterogeneous database environments into information that can be used for strategic benefits. To deal with this syndrome of being data rich and information poor, and derive insights from data to help organizations make the best use of it, ClayLogix is founded by Falcon Business Resources Pvt. Ltd. A 35-year old business group – with a mission to extend services to its global customer base by providing high end Database and Technology solutions.

Instead of taking a vertical wide approach, this startup has selected a couple of key technology areas to leverage its expertise and realize the goal of helping its customers get easy access to data and understand it in a better way. “Whether we call this Data Management, Business Analytics, Big Data, or even Enterprise Mobility, our focus is to let customers drive business decisions from their data.” says Gaurav Dhawan, Managing Director, ClayLogix. Management at ClayLogix has deep roots and proven track record in two different worlds – “data world” and “processes world”. They strongly believe that all IT solutions or services must ultimately help business. Hence, on one side the startup follows Business Process Management (BPM) approach to articulate business challenges while on the other side, it applies core IT principles to deliver the solution. This unique combination of business and IT alignment is what sets ClayLogix apart from its competitors.

Backbone of a Startup

A startup can go places with the support of a veteran organization. For ClayLogix, having a strong backbone of a 35-year old organization has allowed it to focus on core business i.e. IT Services without worrying about operational issues. The group’s presence in 17 cities across India and various countries around the world has enabled the startup to expand quickly. Parent company’s infrastructure and presence has attracted talent for the company instead of having to spend heavily for talent to come. Secondly, the stability and proven business records of the parent company instantly adds to the credibility of ClayLogix in eyes of customers and partners.

Focusing on Data Management, Business Analytics and Mobility Solutions, ClayLogix uses its extensive experience in database technology, database migration methodology and related tools to benefit many customers globally who want to manage and migrate from one database to another. While doing so, the company has also been recognized as “The Database Migration Experts”. Being a SAP Value Added Reseller and Oracle Gold Partner, ClayLogix also uses data management products of these two organizations in driving and delivering its solutions in the market. The company has evolved as a data migration specialist by offering a suitable solution that achieves the purpose of migrating database/application from one place to another, while minimizing the risk and cost for the customers. ClayLogix’s Database Performance Management (DPM) solution is uniquely architected to work against various databases such as Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, and SAP Sybase. Its light weight deployment allows customer to manage some or all of these databases from one single installation. Instead of focusing on standard resource utilization, the DPM solution looks at Wait Time as ClayLogix believes that business users of an application care more about time it takes for them to do an operation rather than the resources used.

Armed with technical expertise and led by process driven thinking, ClayLogix continues to invest in deepening and strengthening its services in area of Business Process Management, Data Management and Enterprise Mobility. In addition, it intends to build its own intellectual property in the area of Industry Specific Big Data Appliances. Taking such long strides, the startup seems to have the perfect momentum to reach the highest level of quality of solution delivery.

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