ClayLogix Consulting to work with Avolution and ABACUS to support Enterprise Architects in India and SE Asia

    Process & Data solution specialist, ClayLogix Consulting will become the latest partner for Avolution’s ABACUS software helping to provide high quality enterprise architecture solutions and IT strategies.

    Founded in 2012 with head offices in Delhi and operational Office in Mumbai, ClayLogix has 150+ Man-years’ experience specialising in providing Process & Data solutions to customers globally.

    ClayLogix has a strong proven track record of delivering Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Cloud Services and many more.

    ClayLogix will work alongside Avolution to support Enterprise Architecture (EA) teams across India with their IT strategy and solutions. ClayLogix is all set to implement EA using their systematized methodology called “RanaNeeti” using Avolution’s ABACUS.

    Avolution’s ABACUS is recognized as a leading enterprise architecture tool and is used by organizations worldwide to deliver quick and powerful digital business strategy.

    ABACUS supports both diagram-driven and data-driven architecture, providing EA teams with a fully integrated diagramming, data, and IT & financial analysis functionality. ABACUS’ dynamic cloud-based data management environment allows users across the globe to collaborate with ease. ABACUS supports teams who need to maintain central portfolios of assets, technologies, infrastructure, processes, organizational architectures and projects all within their browser.

    This data can then be modeled and analyzed to automatically generate metrics, roadmaps and interactive data visualizations, tailored for a range of technical and business users.

    ABACUS’ flexibility allows users to configure, adapt, combine or use one of over 100+ out-of-the-box frameworks including TOGAF, ArchiMate, COBIT 5, BIAN, BPMN, Business Model Canvas, PESTLE, ITIL etc. No advanced database administrator skills are required, and this can be done at any time during or after deployment.

    ABACUS is available for a range of deployment models, including:
    • A fully cloud-based SaaS web-app with centralized cloud-base repository
    • A fully on-premise solution for government and high-security environments
    • Hybrid options

    Avolution are proud to working together with ClayLogix; an professional services partner & authorized reseller for ABACUS.

    About ABACUS
    Avolution’s ABACUS is used by organizations worldwide to deliver quick, powerful enterprise architecture and digital business strategy. ABACUS helps architects to lighten their data workload and to motivate stakeholders to set priorities and take action. Integrate and collaborate on data with editable cloud-based lists, build models and roadmaps, run analytics, algorithms and report with rich visuals and dashboards. With offices worldwide, Avolution is recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and Forrester’s WAVE.

    About ClayLogix
    ClayLogix is a part of a 35-year-old, Clay business group. ClayLogix and its parent organization have proven track record delivering complex solutions for customers globally. ClayLogix principal resources are considered thought leaders in their field and are respected worldwide for their contributions. With resources working in India, South East Asia, United Arab Emirates, and the USA; ClayLogix is committed to highest quality of solution delivery whether it’s an Onsite presence or Offsite blend to meet the increasing cost pressures.

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