Critically Important BI Solutions

    Due to the fierce competition in the business intelligence market, numerous vendors provide a wide range of business intelligence capabilities.

    Several organizations invest in BI services depending on their needs, circumstances, and industry requirements.Whatever the case, the following six essential components of a BI solution are what you should be on the lookout for:

    Competences for self-service

    Over the past few years, the phrase “Self-service BI” has gained prominence. Businesses are implementing self-service solutions that allow end-users to perform their own data analysis in response to the explosion of data.

    Ranking Reports

    Report ranking is another fantastic feature of BI tools. By combining data from several sources, you may use this to generate data-driven reports focused on particular business categories. These reports, once compiled, list your top and bottom-performing goods, services, or areas. This is a remarkably efficient technique to organize your processes by what is effective—and what isn’t.

    Customization Options

    Customization is defined as changing the preconfigured behaviour to enable you to analyze new information in your business intelligence dashboards.


    You must make sure your BI tool has cutting-edge security mechanisms with ongoing monitoring to protect all of your critical data. Verify the presence of security measures, including vulnerability scanning, two-factor authentication, and intrusion detection systems.

    Individual dashboards

    Data is only valuable for a corporation when it is understandable and readily available in the present. You’ll need a BI solution that offers customized or customizable dashboards to access all of your data in one location.

    Access through mobile

    Mobility is now one of the essential business intelligence characteristics in the workplace. It is no longer a luxury. It is crucial that busy executives can quickly access management information from everywhere they are using various devices, including mobile and tablets. As a result, demand for mobile BI capabilities has skyrocketed.

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