QLIK – What is Business Intelligence?

    Business intelligence is a term that refers to a collection of procedures, architectures, and technologies that transform unstructured data into actionable information. It has a direct impact on strategic, tactical, and operational business decisions in organizations. Business intelligence is a combination of tools and services that are used to transform data into actionable intelligence and knowledge. It promotes fact-based decision-making based on historical facts as opposed to preconceptions. BI tools analyse data and generate reports, summaries, dashboards, maps, graphs, and charts to offer users in-depth information about the nature of the business. Some of the BI tools are Power BI and QLIK.

    The Advantages of Business Intelligence Tools

    • Faster analytics
    • Improved customer experience
    • Information

    What is Qlik?

    Qlik is a data visualization, executive dashboard, and self-service business intelligence software company. Qlik is continuously ranked as one of the top data visualization and business intelligence firms by Gartner. QlikView, the company's main product, allows for visual data discovery, self-service BI reporting, and the development and sharing of data dashboards. According to Gartner, Qlik competes in the industry with Tableau and Microsoft. It has assisted thousands of companies in uncovering valuable insights that have transformed their operations.

    QLIK Advantages

    • A memory data-model is used.
    • Conversion of data into graphical analytics.
    • adaptability and incorporation.
    • It is simple to put into action.
    • more efficient use of data.
    • It offers an end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud platform that enables companies to close the information, insight, and action gaps.


    • Upper-level management uses executive dashboards to track company activity in marketing, human resources, and executive dashboards.
    • It is used to help people better understand and use data in order to improve discovery and data literacy.
    • Interaction and search using natural language

    Collaboration between Clay Logix and QLIK

    Clay Logix is a global provider of information technology solutions with a primary focus on enhancing operational efficiency. Its business intelligence strategy aims to translate data into actionable information. Clay Logix has partnered with QLIK. Clay Logix assists users, businesses, organizations, and governments in addressing their difficult data concerns.

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