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Silicon India Magazine – Channelizing Data into Valuable Information and The Go-To Company for Sybase & HANA Migrations

Kevin P. Ryan, a serial entrepreneur who has built multi-billion dollar companies from scratch, once conceded, I used to think business is 50 percent having the right people. Now I think its 80 percent. Echoing his sentiment is Clay Logix, a leading high-end Database & Technology Solutions company, which has experienced a rapid ascent in a short span of three years bylaying immense emphasis in building the right team. Clay Logix Management unanimously agrees on the principle that its their employees that matter the most in the organization.

Instead of taking a vertical wide approach, this startup has selected a couple of key technology areas to leverage its expertise and realize the goal of helping its customers get easy access to data and understand it in a better way. “Whether we call this Data Management, Business Analytics, Big Data, or even Enterprise Mobility, our focus is to let customers drive business decisions from their data.” says Gaurav Dhawan, Managing Director, ClayLogix. Management at ClayLogix has deep roots and proven track record in two different worlds – “data world” and “processes world”. They strongly believe that all IT solutions or services must ultimately help business. Hence, on one side the startup follows Business Process Management (BPM) approach to articulate business challenges while on the other side, it applies core IT principles to deliver the solution. This unique combination of business and IT alignment is what sets ClayLogix apart from its competitors.

Operating in the niche SAP Sybase area, where only a handful of solution providers are around, the company further glimmers uniquely by constantly garnering the best of the people in Sybasearena. We have outstanding freshers as well as experienced set of people, who create a different perception in customers lives when it comes to database migration, integration and upgradation. They leave a great impression with customers. Most often, customers have called back and asked to work again with that particular resource, highlights Gaurav Dhawan, Managing Director, Clay Logix. With key people like Gopinath Bandekar, Milind Lad and Sunil Bangaru working together in building the SAP Sybase team, the company takes pride in the fact that most of its people are recognized in the market by their names and Clay Logix has never lost a project after showcasing its peoples skills.

Creating Value for Each Other

Clay Logix came into existence in 2012 when its parent company Clay Telecom, over 15-year old business group, decided to initiate an IT arm. Clay Logix partnered with SAP instantly to offer Sybase and Business Process Management (BPM) services related to SAP. This is not just because it already had created those technical skills, but also because it has witnessed the power of Sybase, which has been a leader in developing and expanding innovative database technology since 1984. People currently using SAP implementation know what it is capable of and definitely want their SAP parts to be upgraded. We have upgrades and integration possibilities for them along with an ardent eye for emerging technologies, asserts Gopinath. Focusing on SAPs Real Time Data Platform (RTDP), Clay Logix also provides Value Added Reselling and Professional Services for products around RTDP. Helping SAP customers and partners to adopt SAPs Data Platform, the company provides training, RTDP migration, technology support on various projects and 24×7 environment management. With BFSI and manufacturing as key verticals, the company has aided many global organizations budge to a better database technology. This at times require complete application modernization initiative where it needs to migrate legacy database to mainstream database, move associated application, and support the new platform. To catch the domestic as well as global markets, the company quickly adopts the emerging technologies like HANA, where faster data retrieving is possible. With its impressive accomplishments over the past three years, Clay Logix has carved its brand name in customers hearts and also recognized as THE better scaled team in Sybase arena by SAP team itself.

Schooling Customer Satisfaction

The dearth of adequate training equipments, materials and trainers from SAP team for new technologies, particularly for HANA, is a limitation that Clay Logix expects SAP to bridge at the earliest. Operating in the niche Sybase area, the scarcity of skilled talent is another challenge faced by the company. While bringing in well-experienced people, who have established themselves as an expert globally, is a daunting task; developing a fresh resource is very time consuming. Todays vigorous cross-platform data transformations requires skill sets regarding versions, installation patterns, fixtures and most importantly managing data in the correct form a knowledge that can be acquired only when team get inside the integrities, details of project. After the basic level of training the true knowledge team gets is when pushed into a project. Hence, Clay Logix vests more importance towards on-project trainings, where Clayites with 15-20 years of experience shadow freshers and educate them on pragmatic project delivery methodologies and precisely how to achieve customer satisfaction. Of course, freshers need to undergo a series of interviews with customers before they start handling the queries solo.

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