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Conceptual Blueprint of an Enterprise

An enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization.

One Truth Database

Digitization is the process of converting current information (paper, SOPs, VISIOs) into a digital format (object driven database repository) to have single source of truth across organization.

Enterprise Architecture Solutioning

Linking of Business processes with Application, Data & Infrastructure to define the blueprint of an organization for structure & operations
Integrated view of Processes along with Data, Application & Infrastructure.

Sales Dashboard

Using Qlik dashboard we can make better decisions which will optimize overall Sales process.

Financial Dashboard

A Fanatic Financial Dashboard provides users with an instant visual representation of their financial KPIs.

SCM Dashboard

Warehousing and distribution processes requires the management of assets, people, and data to ensure products and partially finished products are available for assembly to customer order where and when required.

Process of Process Management

BPM Governance is a set of policies and processes that defines the way that the organization’s business processes to be released for entire organization.

Continuous Process Improvement

Systematic approach to closing of process or system performance gaps through streamlining and cycle time reduction, and identification and elimination of causes of below specifications quality, process variation, and non-value-adding activities.

Qlik Sense App Collaboration

This Solution helps in Collating various Dashboards and its information created separately by Qlik developers which otherwise is a pain to do manually. The Collation time is reduced from several days to Minutes and is error free.

Data Science Solutions

Technologies have been ever changing and demanding. Data has been a centre focal point around which all technologies evolve.

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