Enterprise Architecture Solutioning

Linking of Business processes with Application, Data & Infrastructure to define the blueprint of an organization for structure & operations. Integrated view of Processes along with Data, Application & Infrastructure.Single source of truth for People, Process, Data, Application & Infrastructure.Hence change impact measurement will be possible. Helps in driving “Process Driven Changes” rather than “IT Driven Changes”. Helps in Complete Impact analysis before decision Making. The importance of Requirements Management cannot be understated. Enterprise Architects consider requirements to be the cornerstone of any architecture process as they are often the deciding factor between success and failure. Take control and stay focussed!


Our features battle with

Complex Challenges

Architecture Framework

Identifies the scope of the overall architecture and the type and relationship of the various sub-architecture levels, threads and other viewpoints.

Implementation Methodology

Specific steps to establish and maintain an EA program, via the selected approach.

Architecture Repository

Includes the EA website, documentation database, and the software applications (tools) that are used for modeling, analysis, and reporting.

Associated Best Practices

Proven ways to implement parts of the overall architecture or sub-architectures, in context of meta EA.

Empowering the

Enterprise Generation

Simplification of an enterprise.

The enterprise architecture benefits include more efficient business operation with lower costs, more shared capabilities, lower management costs, more flexible workforce, more organized working, less duplication and redundancies and improved business productivity.

Align technology operation to the business wants.

The enterprise architecture benefits include help to analyse business models and create an enterprise wide transformation project portfolio which guides decisions and investments.

More Effective IT operation.

EA helps in lower software development support, and maintenance costs, increased portability of applications, improved interoperability and easier system and network management, improved ability to address critical enterprise-wide issues like security and easier upgrade and exchange of system components.

Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment.

EA helps in reduced complexity in the business and IT, maximum return on investment in existing business and IT infrastructure,the flexibility to make, buy, or out-source business and IT solutions ,reduced risk overall in new investments and their cost of ownership.

360o Governance Simplification

Governance related to External entities & Internal entities are devised in this methodology.


Architectural Framework

Claylogix has developed an architectural framework to define


Translating strategy to execution

Architectural Framework

An architectural framework to define EA


Implementation of EA architectures in multiple projects

Technology Orientation

Practical & achievable Technology Landscape supportive

Implementation of blueprint

Well equipped with related Project Management skills.

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