One Truth Database

Digitization is the process of converting current information (paper, SOPs, VISIOs) into a digital format (object driven database repository) to have single source of truth across organization. Digitalized Process increases transparency, security, accessibility, regulatory compliance in the organization.Foundation for Process improvement and innovation.As an example, most B2B companies focus on generating leads to ultimately drive sales. However, depending on which marketing platform or system you’re in, a “lead” can take on different meanings. In your digital analytics tool, an online form submission will count as a lead. Various contacts made at a trade show will show up as leads in your CRM system. Your marketing automation system will apply filters and remove duplicates to create a lead that has been “qualified” by marketing. When these marketing leads are passed over to your sales team, they may only accept some of them as legitimate sales opportunities they want to pursue. If you want to optimize your business for “leads”, which variation do you choose? Any misalignment across the business can have serious consequences as teams end up pulling in different directions—many of which will be the wrong ones.



Our features battle with

Complex Challenges

Integrated View

Creation of physical asset based on logical Enterprise Framework.

Improved Decision Making

Based on single source of information complete impact analysis leading to better decision making

Business – IT Alignment

Unified language between business & IT leads to lesser information gaps which improves overall performance.

Associated Best Practices

Proven ways to implement parts of the overall architecture or sub-architectures, in context of meta EA.

Enterprise Generation

Simplification of an enterprise.

The enterprise architecture benefits include more efficient business operation with lower costs, more shared capabilities, lower management costs, more flexible workforce, more organized working, less duplication and redundancies and improved business productivity.

Align enterprise components to one truth database.

The enterprise architecture benefits include help in supporting strategic changes such as the due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and management of the resulting integration program and consolidation of the existing portfolio of people, processes, application and infrastructure etc.

Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment.

EA helps in reduced complexity in the business and IT, maximum return on investment in existing business and IT infrastructure, the flexibility to make, buy, or out-source business and IT solutions, reduced risk overall in new investments and their cost of ownership.

Platform scalability readiness

Single source of database helps in agility towards the changes happening in Business Environment.

Well informed stakeholders

Single source of information helps to understand organization capabilities.


Adding Value to sustain

Our Marketability

Structured Representation

Leveraging the Repository structure in an efficient manner

Architectural Framework

Architectural framework to define EA


EA architecture implementation in multiple projects

Technology Orientation

Practical & achievable Technology Landscape supported

Implementation Methodology

Well equipped with related Project Management skills.

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