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⦁ Warehousing and distribution processes requires the management of assets, people, and data to ensure products and partially finished products are available for assembly to customer order where and when required.
⦁ Holding inventory is a major cost, made worse by out-of-stock situations or if goods are in the wrong location within your supply chain.
⦁ Running a warehouse incurs heavy fixed costs and variable costs which accumulate quickly, so managing resources well is important.
⦁ Utilizing warehouse resources efficiently is key to a low-cost storage operation.
⦁ Warehouse management uses and generates a large volume of data about movements and condition of goods.
⦁ Many logistics companies own considerable assets and in some cases their business model includes making such resources available to others.
⦁ Ensuring warehouses and distribution centers have the inventory they need at all times to fulfill demand quickly is critical in order to compete in today’s highly competitive market.
⦁ Visibility into processes and information on the root cause of disruption is key to catering to different product and customer.


Our features battle with

Complex Challenges

Shared views with outside vendors and suppliers

When you share your supply chain dashboards with your suppliers, they can see how they are measuring up and work to improve troubled areas, thereby improving the overall performance of your supply chain.

Logistics and shipping status

for coordinating transportation channels, improving delivery performance and boosting customer satisfaction.

Delivering near real-time analytics

Ensure that you are always looking at the latest information by having your dashboards interact directly in near real time with the source data such as an ERP.

Self-service capability for “deep-dive” views

Powerful dashboards include the ability to drill down to look into problem areas or fine tune a query to have a slightly different view etc.

Warehousing and distribution

processes requires

Just In Time(JIT) Inventory Management

Understanding region wise orders for optimum management of inventory.

Delivery performance measurement

The supply chain management dashboard helped the client to precisely predict the probability of delays in the delivery process and make informed decisions regarding the necessary corrective actions.

Enhanced Supply Chain Network

By combining all the information gathered on the different sectors of your business, it will allow you to have an enhanced supply chain network.


Gain near real-time visibility of orders across the supply chain.

Lead with data transparency

Allowing companies making use of forecasting with accurate data to prepare for an increase or decrease in demand each year and setting measurable goals and deliverables for internal teams.


Architectural Framework

Claylogix has developed an architectural framework to define


Integration of Invoice printing from dashboard for quick access.


drill down chart for seamless flow of Costs.

Knowledge Gained

Understanding Customer demand.

Lean in application

More focused towards reduced waste of raw material products.

Minimized cost & increased quality

The harmonization of the entire supply chain to reduce cost and increase quality results in value addition of the entire supply chain

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