With Software AG’s ARIS process mining, you can take transparency to the next level.

    By integrating the business process context to process mining, it is now possible to take transparency to the next level.

    Embedding Software AG’s ARIS process mining into your more considerable BPM practice opens benefits that are difficult to accomplish in a standalone environment.

    Process mining is one technological advancement that has recently taken off.

    Process mining has unlocked the capabilities to take this level of transparency to the next level by adding the business process context to the more traditional field of business intelligence (BI), which has been active for over a decade in finding and creating transparency in the enormous amounts of business data.

    What is process mining?

    Process mining is the deep-dive examination, identification, monitoring, and enhancement of existing processes to expose the to-be efficiencies that your company can profit from. It “mines” all the process data within a company’s walls for potential improvement, focused on identifying better, more efficient operational pathways. Finding “touchless” process pathways that require minimal human interaction is the goal. Businesses can boost speed and accuracy. As a result, they are allowing staff to focus on doing what they do best as effectively as possible.

    How does it work?

    When a process is finished, it generates data. For instance, whenever a customer care request is made, you know when it was received, who handled it, how long it took, and whether the issue was fixed, to mention a few things. It could also include time-stamped receipts from a cash register or bills sent on a specific date.

    What are the benefits of process mining?

    Operational excellence has been a trending topic for the better part of the twenty-first century. Process mining is helping to facilitate it in a few different ways, which are referred to as the practical or prominent use cases of process mining. Identifying the Process

    • Process efficiency
    • Conformity to the process
    • Analyses on the move

    Process mining being included in BPM.

    As stated in the preceding paragraph, incorporating process mining into your overall process management strategy not only makes sense but it also unlocks several benefits that you won’t get in a standalone scenario (though you might with a lot more effort):


    • To save unnecessary movement between windows, you can immediately display the results of process mining next to the documentation process you’ve mined.
    • Creating found processes that are worth documenting automatically, avoiding a lot of tedious export/import tasks
    • If you can run BPM and process mining on the same platform, your IT organization will be less complicated
    • The convenience of having everything in one location for your BPM platform’s end customers
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