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SQL was not intended for present day analytics, yet all other “current” BI tools use a query based approach to perform analysis. This limits you to predefined, straight exploration within subsets of data. Only our BI Associative engine unites every one of your data so you can explore and analyze without any limits. We call this the Associative Difference. You’ll call it the most capable upper hand in a data driven world.

Go Limitless Search and explore across all your data with no pre-amassed data or predefined queries to keep you down. Rapidly probe for data insights with interactive selection, and in a split second turn your reasoning in light of what you see. Take away the breaking points from your data analytics.

It’s all about data:

Effortlessly consolidate all your data sources, regardless of what number of, how substantial, or how flawed. Our BI’s Associative engine records all information associations without any data abandoned and no compelling reason to completely spotless and display data ahead of time. It’s all accessible and prepared to be analyzed and explored.

Real Quick Insights with our BI solutions:

Intense, on-the-fly calculation and aggregation in a flash updates all analytics with each snap. Critical thinking is never again crashed by slow queries or continuous data readiness needs. This gives analysis a chance to move at the speed of thought, even with huge quantities of clients and complex data indexes.

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    Training Roster – Qlik Mashup

    10 Days Training
    Qlik Mashup – Detailed Course
    3 Days Training (with Prerequisite)
    Qlik Mashup – Workshop
    2 Days Training (with Prerequisite)
    Qlik Mashup – Crash Course
    Day 1
    HTML, CSS & JQuery
    Day 2
    Make extensions with layout structure
    Day 3
    App property & layout to structure
    Day 4
    Display information of cube in HTML
    Day 5
    Add basic API methods to extension
    Day 6
    Add basic action with API methods to extension
    Day 7
    Widget using HTML template
    Day 9
    Styling a Mashup using CSS
    Day 10
    Use custom/bootstrap theme in Mashup
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